MTV Cribs Presents: My Home Studio

I finally cleaned up my studio enough to take pictures! My mom is also a ceramic artist, and after graduating and moving home to Boca Raton, we spent most of the summer cleaning and organizing our garage, and making plenty of trips to Goodwill and the city’s recycling facility! We turned half the garage into a fully-functioning ceramics studio, complete with a wheel, wedging and reclaiming tables, hand-building table, clay sink, wet box, and plenty of shelving for our tool collection.

This is where I live.

"This is where the magic happens."

We decided on the Brent C Model wheel. Here’s some info:

The Model C is recommended for both schools and professional potters. It centers 75 pounds of clay with a 3/4 hp, 7 amp motor and has a reputation for mechanical efficiency, long life and quiet, vibration-free dependability. The 14-inch cast and machined aluminum head runs on permanently sealed double row ball bearings.

The clay sink we chose is wonderful, because it does not connect to the house plumbing at all. Instead, it pumps the same water through the system over and over, filtering out the clay into one bucket and the water into the other. We change out the water once a week, and reclaim the slop when the bucket gets half full. We also have a slop bucket that we keep leftover chunks of clay in until we reclaim it. Here’s more info about our sink:

Our wheel and clay sink.

Our wheel and clay sink.

This shelving unit was a DIY project from the previous owners of the house, and before we spent an entire day painting it bright yellow and removing most of the doors, I was a little creeped out by it. Thankfully, there were no dead bodies inside it (except for some earwigs) and it now makes the perfect storage space for all of our tools. On the left side, we left the doors on it, and coated the inside of the cabinet with thick sheets of plastic. This is our wet box, where we keep works in progress and store our pieces in various firing stages.

Shelving for our tools and our wet box

Shelving for our tools and our wet box

For our wedging table, I stretched a piece of canvas over a piece of plywood. Next to it is a wooden frame that we filled with plaster for reclaiming clay. We also bolted an old cutting wire from the wall to the edge of the counter for cutting clay.

Wedging and reclaiming table.

Wedging and reclaiming table.

That’s all folks!


2 thoughts on “MTV Cribs Presents: My Home Studio

  1. It’s so nice to take a peek into your studio. Thanks for sharing. I wish you the very best in all you do. I know that you are truly blessed and will be sucessful in all your future endeavors. Reach up and out!!! Only reach down when you are “picking up” your art! Create. Laugh and enjoy!


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